Shellyslifestye is about my daily life and the things I do each day, expect to journey with me on my different routines, which stems from exercise (mostly running which is my very favorite thing to do) cooking, reading and spending time with my babies!!! Yes, babies, I have three of them and I love and adore them very much. Therefore, I can say I am a boy mom and a girl mom too. God create two handsome guys and a beautiful princess and gave them to me to raise. I thank him everyday for this opportunity and this enormous task that he has place in my hand. I must say, it’s not easy, it comes with its share of struggles, but the joy and love I feel overweighs the pressure. I love God, and I am a God chaser. You will learn about me and if you want to share with me about you, you can always leave a comment on my site, blog or any social media platform you may see me on. I will always take this opportunity to bring joy to as much people as I possible can by bringing awareness to many of the things that are happening in the world today. Remember Love yourself, there is always room for change, and always, always, always, share love with someone else.