Oh My! preparing my daughter for school

Oh, how my daughter is growing up!

She’s now 4 years old and we are preparing for the first day of school, coming in August.

My daughter is kind and loving, loves to make new friends but she hates to share!

She hugs her games and snacks to herself, I tried teaching her how to share, but is that a lesson to be learned? How can I teach my daughter to share?

My daughter loves her milk and she has a special little cup that she drinks from, she came to me for milk one afternoon and I told her that she will not get milk at school.

She looked at me with a weird face and said “mom I will not get milk at school?

“No baby,” I replied to her, “I don’t want to go to school,” she says.

As handed her the milk she says, “Mom do you know that my teacher can make milk?”

“Really?” I questioned. she shook her head yes and went her way to drink her milk.

Now tell me how do I bring this to her attention?

Or do I bring it to her attention?

I do believe eventually she will understand that school is not home and the privileges she has at home are not the same as school.

You live and you learn right?

Have you ever been faced with any similar challenges? Please share what was done to overcome those.


Love You. Shelly.


About shellyslifestyle

A mother of three who like going on adventures, teaching my kids. I love God, family and life! Love writing, on a journey to grow my kids to be loving, caring, respectful and obedient to the best of my ability. I truly believe if all these areas are mastered their education will come simply easy. With hard work and trust in God all these are possible..
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