Love thy Neighbor

Thy neighbor

When I was getting dressed for work this morning, I though about what my quote would be for today. “Love thy Neighbor” was the quote that came to mind, then while driving to work, the morning host on the radio was talking about love thy neighbor, and how he thinks it is the greatest commandment. So then I got my confirmation that this would be my quote for today.

Neighbors come in all different shapes and forms, it does not mean your actually neighbor living next door, although they are included, you neighbor is everyone around you. Let’s go out and love our neighbors today… Share a good deed you’ve done for your neighbor…Have a lovely day.

About shellyslifestyle

A mother of three who like going on adventures, teaching my kids. I love God, family and life! Love writing, on a journey to grow my kids to be loving, caring, respectful and obedient to the best of my ability. I truly believe if all these areas are mastered their education will come simply easy. With hard work and trust in God all these are possible..
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  1. A @ Inner Ramblings Boulevard says:

    Great advice.

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