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You guys Rock !

Congratulations on getting 500 total likes on Shellysopinion SO. Your current tally is 501. Thank you all so much for liking my posts, commenting and sharing your encouraging word with me. Now this will only strengthen me to continue the … Continue reading

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Constipation and Toddlers

So my daughter was so uncomfortable for the pass few nights, not sure what was going on with her. Then my mother call me at work and told my baby is constipated, and she cries whenever she tries to force … Continue reading

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No Uniforms!!

So my boys were able to dress down at school today, and yes they were super excited!!!!!! Mom why do you have to take pictures of us every time? That is their question every time I take out my camera. … Continue reading

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Thank you Lord!

Today I started my day murmuring about how today is a holiday and I have to go to work! Wait! Hold on a minute! I thought to myself, You have a job, at least be grateful for that. So I … Continue reading

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I’ve been Nominated!!!

Thank you சுழல்கள்/Suzhalgal !!! please check out this blog!! click on the link. I am a mother of three beautiful souls, I try to document their daily performances to see where I can make adjustments. I’ve heard several times that baby’s … Continue reading

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I am disappointed………..  

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Super Bowl !

It will be in my city ! I’m so excited! Which one of the teams are you guys favorite? New England Patriots Atlanta Falcons

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