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The Questions I ponder about daily…..

How can I grow my children is the right way? is there a right way? Is their behavior genetic? Is their behavior a medical problem? Is medication necessary? How can I discipline and love them unconditionally? Does household members play … Continue reading

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Mr. President E-elect

You wanted power now you have it.. I believe if you ignore all the comments that are impacting you negatively, and focus on the task ahead it will all work out for you. When someone addresses you, or call you … Continue reading

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My kids birthdays are coming up, all their birthdays are in April!!!! I sometimes wonder if this is good or bad.. Three kids one month Two boys, one girl, What type of party theme would be suitable, the boys want … Continue reading

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Kindness Matters —

As I sit here today questioning the kind of world I want my children to grow up in, and ultimately the kind of world I would like my grandchildren to inherit, there for me is one thing that is more … Continue reading

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Should I be concern..

Good Morning beautiful people…. If you are following my blog you know I have twin boys, they are eight years old. The older of the boys is Jaheim, he a minute older and for him it’s a big deal; whenever … Continue reading

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Back to school for the boys!!..

While getting dressed for school this morning, the boys had many questions for me.. Mom, Can we stay home for this week since the week has already started? No boys you have to go to school. Mom, why did they … Continue reading

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