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Good Morning All!!

  Remember, we are all God’s children no matter what nationality you are, we need to love one another as he loves us. We are all one people, no one is better than the other, no matter what position you … Continue reading

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Happy Monday!

I hope you all are having a fantastic Monday, I know sometimes Mondays can be the hardest day of the week, just stay positive!

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I saw this Baby girl T- shirt in Marshall’s store and I think I would share it with the fashion bloggers! Too cute……..  

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The Best you..

Just be the best person you can be… when the baby cries, just be the best you. when you husband whines, ( they have their moments sometimes) be the best you. When financial difficulty strikes, ( God knows we face … Continue reading

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A prayer for all our children

God I kneel before you as a mother of three…. And before you I kneel for all the other mothers on my knee……… Our children we love, That you sent to us from up above, We ask that that you … Continue reading

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An Innocent Child…………..

  Calling all mothers and fathers too, you know what, how about prospective mothers and fathers as well. I have an issue with parents taking the life of their children for one reason or the other.  Parents your child/children are … Continue reading

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Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day !

  Even though it’s not an holiday for all of us! ( I’m at work, sucks) For everyone that has this day off  enjoy and have fun! The kids are out of school today, take this opportunity to spend some … Continue reading

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via Daily Prompt: Marathon This weekend was the Chevron Marathon here in Houston Texas!!! I promise myself that I would run a marathon. They also had the ABB 5k run and I took part in that. Even though I did … Continue reading

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Homework with the kids!!!!!!!!!!!!

  Homework! Homework! Homework! I love it when the kids get their homework, To be honest as an adult sometimes my kids’ home works are challenging, I’m glad I have a good relationship with their teachers, we communicate very frequently. … Continue reading

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Family for life

“A family that eats together, loves together prays together, will grow together and stick together forever!”   I would love my children to have a great relationship when they become an adult, and live their separate lives. Therefore, this will … Continue reading

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