I’m Ready for the New Year!

The New year is coming whether we like it or not, so get ready. What are your plans for the new year? Anything that happened in 2016 that you are not so pleased about?
How are you going to fix it in 2017? Well, as for my family and I we are planing to revisit every accomplishment and everything that we did not do so well with. We will figure out what we need to do to be successful at everything we do.  Happy and prosperous new year to you all!

About shellyslifestyle

A mother of three who like going on adventures, teaching my kids. I love God, family and life! Love writing, on a journey to grow my kids to be loving, caring, respectful and obedient to the best of my ability. I truly believe if all these areas are mastered their education will come simply easy. With hard work and trust in God all these are possible..
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22 Responses to I’m Ready for the New Year!

  1. Beverley says:

    Great advice for the New Year. In 2017, I am planning to give birth to the vision that God had planted in my heart. God bless you

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  2. everlastingnikita says:

    This year i gave birth to my first baby, went through a horrible breakup, stop going to college. But in 2017 I’m hoping to go back to school, continue on my blog and youtube and just see where life takes me

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  3. shivam334 says:

    Thanks bro for advice….. I think it will work….

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  4. shivam334 says:

    Everlastingnikita… Don’t get disheartened…. What happened to you in previous doesn’t matter…..bcoz what happen. Happen for best…. Just look forward…. And do something today that your future will thank u for…

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  5. Nisthur Anadi says:

    Wishing you in advance for new year resolution.

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  6. Eartha says:

    That is an amazing plan! I can see how getting together to let each other know that you’d like to do better can be motivational and a great healing point. Great advice!

    Wishing you a prosperous, happy new year as well! 🙂

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  7. Have a Happy New Year. Thanks for visiting and checking out my posts.

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  8. I agree with you Shelly. We are trying to teach our toddlers to be obedient, learn about God, be respectful and caring…when they aren’t wrestling. Boys will be boys..

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  9. And coming back to you

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  10. iglengel says:

    Hoping 2017 will be as good to us as 2016 was but with less loss of life. We lost several friends and relatives (fact of life when you reach your late seventies) along with many other good people out there. So, just plan on continuing to do our part to stay safe and help others.

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