Reading together as family is very important.

Education is very important in all of our lives, but it’s up to us as parent to help our children to become successful in their educational endeavors. As for my family and I we try to read together as often as possible, this is one way I’m tying to let reading become the number one they do (Right now they are not a fan of reading). We read many different story books, mostly books that are based on movies or cartoons that they are familiar with. These books tend to pull their attention. We would read simultaneously, or everyone takes turn reading a chapter, we will try to out do each other in reading. With this, we also learn that practice really becomes perfect. When helping your kids with their education you will also learn as well, and will be inspired to read daily or even further your education. Grab on to it like a stick and never let go reading in very important.

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A mother of three who like going on adventures, teaching my kids. I love God, family and life! Love writing, on a journey to grow my kids to be loving, caring, respectful and obedient to the best of my ability. I truly believe if all these areas are mastered their education will come simply easy. With hard work and trust in God all these are possible..
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  1. The Geronimo Stilton books are really great for getting energetic boys more interested in reading. (The book above is from Geronimo Stilton.) “Captain Underpants” is a cartoon style that boys relate to. Magic School bus has different formats some of which are great for early readers and all of them promote interest in science. Magic tree house books are a terrific early reader series chapter books that travel to different places in history. Great series. I liked getting my second son hooked on a series, he then couldn’t wait for the next book in the series.
    A key to reading is tightly controlling computer videogame, and/or TV time.

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    • Great! After we read that book, they started looking for more of his books. One of the boys got “Captain Underpants” from the school library. We will try to find the others. I made them a video game, computer and TV schedule and they can only play after they read a book . Thank you so much for stopping by, I really appreciate your comment your advice means a lot.


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